Communications & Marketing

The District Communications & Marketing Committee is here to provide you with updates and information from all over Cal-Nev-Ha. From the Member Bi-Monthly Mailing List to the district website, to the Sunburst, to SunnyTV we are here to deliver you the most relevant and exciting information from clubs all over sunny CNH.

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District Convention

Behind every District Convention is an amazing committee that plans it and that is exactly what the District Convention Committee does every year! From the decorations to the workshops to the fun activities, our committee plans DCON to perfection down to the very last detail so that you, our lovely district, can have a fun and memorable weekend at District Convention.

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Fall Training Conference

Fall Training Conference Committee puts on a district event in the Fall at Old Oak Ranch in Sonora, California. We plan all aspects, varying from registration to entertainment. Each committee member is committed to creating a part of FTC and together, we hope to give you the best Fall Training Conference yet! Look out for workshops, videos, activities, and more from us!

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Finance and Fundraising

We are here to serve you by providing information and spreading awareness about our District Fundraising Initiatives, to promote District Fundraising Events and On-site Fundraisers at district events, and to support Fundraising Chairs and Treasurers from across the district! We are always happy to help you with whatever DFI or financing needs you have, so don't be shy; please contact us with whatever you need!

Top hit: Treasurer & Fundraising Chair Manual | 2016 - 2017 | 12 File(s) | 4,900 Downloads(s)

Kiwanis Family and Foundation

The committee is here to be used as a resource for all the schools in CNH with questions regarding Kiwanis Family Relations. We are also here to educate the membership on the different branches of the Kiwanis Family as well as the programs and events that occur throughout the year and to strengthen the Kiwanis Family relations in the district.

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Member Recognition

There is nothing more rewarding than getting recognized for all of your efforts. The District Member Recognition Committee provides clubs and members with the opportunity to compete for annual recognition. Keep checking the website for updated award applications and criteria.

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Membership Development and Education

The MD&E Committee is created by the members, for the members. We are here to make sure all the divisions, schools, and members can be assisted with anything they may need. May it be the field of Recruitment, Retention, and Education, or the development of each member, we are here to serve you. Just remember that we will always be here for you so please feel free to contact us at any time.

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‚ÄčThe District Service Committee is your resource for all things related to service! We seek to provide the entire District with meaningful service projects by planning District Summer Service Social (DSSS) and District Large Scale Service Project (DLSSP), as well as service projects at Fall Training Conference (FTC) and District Convention (DCON).

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In 2013, the jCloud was renamed to the Resource Database by 2013-2014 District Technology Chair, Jerry Bao. At that time, it was redesigned from the ground up.


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